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Open Theist Manifesto

Open Theist Manifesto Brandi Ibrao / Unsplash

A document for God's Project on Earth

We recognise and trust in the way the free God operates in the world. His Word, His nature and His promises are the foundations we build and keep our faith upon. Human will, passions and logic, all created in His image and likeness, are able to know and point towards God. His sinful children, we continuously seek for His abundant grace and presence through Jesus Christ who is our only hope, and build His Kingdom. In light of the biblical texts and considering the faith and the testimonies of our ancestors, in our day-to-day relationship with Him and in our praise to Him we have come to value: 

  1. God’s Word over human philosophies and trains of thoughts
  2. God’s Power to create new life, and adjustments to His purposes over predetermined, static plans
  3. God’s Love and mutual, risk-taking interactions with the creatures over eternal, unchangeable decrees
  4. God’s and His creation’s Reality over long creeds, dogmas and perfectionism
  5. God’s Change, plasticity and development over immutability, a timeless eternity and a fixed future
  6. God’s Purpose to draw all humankind to Himself over unconditional election
  7. Divine and creaturely Freedom in time and space over theories of determinism
  8. God’s Passion over models of impassibility
  9. Progress in the interpretation and explanation of the Bible over unmovable, locked theologies
  10. God’s Justice and sovereignty in the world in all what is possible over fictional control and justice in all that is impossible


El Tibor


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