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updated 5:22 AM CEST, Jun 10, 2021

"Praise differently" series 8.: The Third World

Now that we found love what are we gonna do with it?

While I listen regularly to praise and worship songs, I’m fascinated by the artists who are in the mainstream, and write songs about God and their spiritual life.

The Hitch is a great movie. The soundtrack Now that we found love by Heavy D & The Boyz might be even better. The chorus (Now that we found love what are we gonna do with it?) has always captivated and enchanted me. It has such a deep and complex meaning. Recently I've found the Third World version that makes it even more meaningful. Listen.

You've got to forgive and forget it
Let hate, let hate, be your enemy
Give your heart to the Lord
And only love will set your spirit free
Aah, love is what we've been searching for
Sweet love is what we're looking for
Now that I've got it right here in my hand
I'm gonna spread it all over the land.


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