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updated 5:22 AM CEST, Jun 10, 2021

"Praise differently" series 5.: An anchor on the dying souls

Nightwish and the Carpenter.

While I listen regularly to praise and worship songs, I’m fascinated by the artists who are in the mainstream, and write songs about God and their spiritual life.

There are so many good Nightwish songs. There is one song, however, the lyrics of which simply hit me in the face. The video is very old-school, amateurish from their debut album 21 years ago. The words compensate for it. The image (a carpenter, his anchor and the dying souls) is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen in rock music.

I hear you
Through the symphonic voices of nature
The purity I could never doubt
They tell me to lie on the grass
And observe my Saviour
The one crucified to the chirping of birds

The carpenter carved his anchor
On the dying souls of mankind
On the tomb of this unknown soldier
Lay the tools of the one
Who for us has died
Tools of the carpenter


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