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updated 5:22 AM CEST, Jun 10, 2021

"Praise differently" series 4.: Bruce Dickinson and the Man of Sorrows

Bruce Dickinson, the small boy.

While I listen regularly to praise and worship songs, I’m fascinated by the artists who are in the mainstream, and write songs about God and their spiritual life.

Bruce Dickinson is a polymath, an adult prodigy. A commercial airline pilot, a fencer, a brewer, an entrepreneur, the singer of Iron Maiden, father of three. No need for adding anything else. There is a series on Youtube (Faith and Music) where he openly talks about his beliefs.

Bruce is honest with the Man of Sorrows:

Here, in a church, a small boy is kneeling
He prays to a god he does not know, he cannot feel
All of his sins of childhood he will remember
He will not cry, tears he will not cry

Man of sorrows, I won't see your face
Man of sorrows, you left without a trace
His small boy wonders, what was it all about?
Is your journey over has it just begun?
Vision of a new world from the ashes of the old
"Do what thou wilt!", he screams from his cursed soul
A tortured seer, a prophet of our emptiness
Wondering why, wondering why
Man of sorrows, I won't see your face
A man of sorrows, wrecked
With thoughts that dare not speak their name
Trapped inside a body, made to feel only guilt and shame
His anger all his life "I hate myself!", he cried
"Do what thou wilt!"
"Do what thou wilt!", he cried


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