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updated 5:22 AM CEST, Jun 10, 2021

"Praise differently" series 2.: Nana's G.O.D.

While I listen regularly to praise and worship songs, I’m fascinated by the artists who are in the mainstream, and write songs about God and their spiritual life.

Christian rap? There are really good ones out there. Like, I’d love to listen more to Shai Linne (yes, the rapper in The Calvinist movie), but in terms of the doctrines we are so different.

But I have an incredible gem in my pocket. Yes, a jewel, a pearl, a precious stone. Nana’s Lonely was a hit I was in love with for years when I was somewhere between 15 and 20. Last year finally I had a thorough look at the lyrics. It blew my mind. I could not breathe:

Creepin' through the streets at night after a fuss and fight
Tears in my eyes I'm a man lookin' for the light
Dark is the path I know He will rescue me
The Lord is my shepherd I'm cool despite emergency
Whom shall I fear except the G.O.D.
Thank you for the blessin' and the skills on the M.I.C.
Five years we know there's no diggity
Free at last see the light in me
What goes up must come down
I'll be around while you heading towards deathtown

I am lonely, lonely, lonely
I am lonely, lonely, in my life
I am lonely, lonely, lonely
God help me, help me to survive!
Everybody's trippin' on me
Oh Lord come help me please
I did some bad things in my life
Why can't you rescue me
'cause you've got all I need
I know I got to pay the price


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