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updated 5:22 AM CEST, Jun 10, 2021

Resources in open theism: John Sanders

Resources in open theism: John Sanders amazon.com

The most scientific page and resources on open theism and openness theology is definitely that of the Reformed theologian John Sanders.

One of the authors of the groundbreaking The Openness of God (1994) and the writer of the pioneering The God Who Risks (1998, revised edition: 2007). He debated the Calvinist James White in a (for me) fascinating radio show. Earlier he lost his job due to his adherence to open theism. What else needs to be said?

His homepage has three major merits. First, it is the most important scientific pool of resources out there in terms of bibliography: it includes more than 400 items, including recent doctoral dissertations and master theses. Second, it has a short, but comprehensive summary of the main concepts of openness theology. Finally, it includes the Open Theism timeline (I can link it here from another page) that lists the most important works in history (mostly from the 17th century), paving the way for the theology of open theism.

I will come back to these resources regularly.

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