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McGrath and the passions of God

McGrath and the passions of God Omar Alnahi / Pexels / Befunky

Classical theism (Catholic and Reformed theology, Calvinism included) borrowed unbiblical notions from Greek philosophy.

"… certain ideas which have often been regarded as Christian ideas may turn out to be ideas imported from a secular context. A classic example is the notion of the “impassibility of God” – that is, the idea that God cannot suffer. This idea was well established in Greek philosophical circles. Early Christian theologians, anxious to gain respect and credibility in such circles, did not challenge this idea. As a result, it became deeply embedded in the Christian theological tradition.”

Alister E. McGrath: Christian Theology. An Introduction. Wiley - Blackwell 2017 (first edition: 1993), p. 91-92.

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