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About the author

Call me El Tibor. I’m a social scientist, a writer and a thinker. A husband, a father and a teacher. An athlete in my body and my spirit. A child of God, an inclusivist believer. I’m passionate about understanding our origins and purpose through inspired words and science.

I live in Central Europe. The given name Tibor has multiple meanings in different language families, mostly related to places: sacred place or a river in Rome, where all roads lead to.

I search for the lost and unreal garden of Eden, where the divine and the human first gazed in each other's eye, and understood they belong together. I feel every day on my rusty skin the jungle-like, savage wilderness I live in. Being here and now is so odd, so tragic, and meeting other seekers is so beautiful, so energizing. There is a home God and man both lost and try to rediscover and restore, then transform into a shared and united realm on Earth. What an enterprise! 

This page is a spiritual and intellectual resort. Digital longing and digital belonging. It's not about me, but about our changing location and the keys to the garden. I post here fragments of my scientific research, thoughts, experiences and spiritual journey. I post here fragments of my life, the life of a seeker. Not a seeker of foundations and handholds, but a seeker of progress, depth and completeness. Be an author here, just like me.

Surrender and failure are not options. I will always forget my pain.

Social sciences is about my primary research. I have a PhD in History, a BSc in Economics and an MA in Hispanism. I publish papers regularly on these. Open theism is about a theology that brought me closer to God than anything else. I love discussing texts and commentaries and linking those to our common sense. Science and religion is about the big question: how do we acquire knowledge through science and spirituality, both? I love being in dialogue with the Abrahamic religions. Peace of mind is twofold. First, I publish here my original thoughts and inspirations. Second, my favourite quotes from artists and men and women of letters from the past. All posts are published in English, Spanish and Hungarian.

If you want to know more or get connected, please visit my scientific profile, the Facebook page, the Instagram site or my Twitter.

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